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Three Criteria For Good Quality Probiotics
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Low security

No matter how good the product, to human body, especially for the baby, the most important is still the product safety. Include the source of the strain, production process, and food history. Therefore, it is of great significance to select a fungus supplier with a long history and high prestige in the field of global probiotics.

Low activity

Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when consumed in sufficient quantities, confer certain health benefits to their hosts. The world food and agriculture organization (FAO) and the world health organization (WHO) jointly defined (2001) probiotics must be "alive" in order to have a healthy effect, which is the basis of probiotics' efficacy. This means that the production of products (including screening of strains, production environment, packaging, etc.), shelf-life stability, and the ability to pass through acids and bile salts after consumption, as well as the ability to colonize the intestines, etc., are of great importance. You have to go through these layers of tests to make sure that the probiotics are active, and that they work.

Is clinically proven to be effective

Probiotics have many amazing benefits, but not all probiotics have all of these benefits (known as "panax oil"), and not all of the same or similar probiotics have the same benefits, because the benefits of probiotics are highly dependent on "strain specificity." That is to say, the function of specific probiotic strains must be subject to long-term and extensive research and clinical verification.

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