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Under What Circumstances Does Probiotics Work? How To Use Probiotics Scientifically
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Does darling not like to take milk to eat what probiotics is good?

Is there blood in your baby's stool test? Try some probiotics.

Does darling loose bowels serious? Take the medicine that the doctor matchs, the best in complementary food adds a bit probiotics, the effect is better.

Not only among mothers, but also in hospitals, patients came up to me and asked, "doctor, I insist on giving my child probiotics. Will the child grow taller? Better nutrition?"

Every time I hear these words, I sigh in my heart. How much magic is this probiotic touted? So that everybody's so crazy about it?

Under what circumstances does probiotics work? How to use probiotics scientifically

What are probiotics?


The world health organization defines probiotics as living micro-ecological agents that have beneficial effects on the health of the host when ingested in a certain amount.

Of course, there are premises. Probiotics in the presence of more harmful than beneficial bacteria is a good thing, but overdoing it in the presence of a balanced microbiome. And over time, the gut becomes dependent on the artificial strain.

Under what circumstances does probiotics work? How to use probiotics scientifically


2. Under what conditions?

Current medical studies have shown that probiotics have a significant role in preventing and treating infective and antibiotic-associated diarrhea in children.

1. After diarrhea

Acute diarrhea caused by any cause can lead to loss of a large number of beneficial bacteria, which may lead to imbalance of intestinal flora. Probiotics supplementation can re-establish intestinal flora balance and maintain intestinal health.

Diarrhea recovery takes time, during which probiotics help the baby reach balance more quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that the baby continue to take probiotics for 1-2 weeks after diarrhea.

A study by the American academy of pediatrics in healthy children and infants also found that early use of probiotics in acute viral enteritis can reduce the course of the disease by a day.

2. After taking antibiotics

If your baby is using antibiotics, you know that. Antibiotics destroy bacteria, and sometimes good bacteria are removed. This is a good time to supplement your baby with probiotics.

Antibiotic tip: antibiotics and probiotics should be taken at least 2 hours apart.

But there are some probiotics, such as brassica, clostridium caseinate and bacillus, that are not sensitive to antibiotics and can be taken at the same time.


Under what circumstances does probiotics work? How to use probiotics scientifically

Use of probiotics and precautions

Different children have different constitutions, so there are differences in sensitivity and response to different probiotics.

For use:

1. Warm water

When mixing with 35 to 40 ℃ warm water, first put good water, put powder.

Take it 20 minutes after the meal

Probiotics are best taken after 20 minutes after meals, as the concentration of acid in the stomach decreases after meals, which is more conducive to the smooth arrival of live bacteria to the intestinal tract.

3. Take it within half an hour after finishing

Over time, probiotics are less effective.


Under what circumstances does probiotics work? How to use probiotics scientifically

Iv. Storage of probiotics:

Open the package of probiotics timely sealing to avoid too long time and inactivation, affecting the efficacy.

Matters needing attention:

1. Read the instructions carefully to understand the optimal dosage, storage method and ingredients of probiotics.

2. If the stomach is weak, the baby can gradually reduce the amount until it stops taking probiotics after taking it regularly for some time.

3. If the baby has a serious health condition or immune system disease, it is best to consult a doctor before using probiotics.

4. Pay attention to the course of treatment. Do not take it for a long time.

5. If your baby is allergic to milk and eggs, avoid using probiotics which contain dairy products and eggs.

Under what circumstances does probiotics work? How to use probiotics scientifically


Finally, knock on the board, healthy babies do not need to eat, eat what is no use, take more but inhibit the normal intestinal flora produced, do more harm than good.

Did you get the probiotics? Any other questions? Please leave a comment in the comments section and let me know.

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