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Untangle The Benefits Of Probiotics That You Don't Know
- Sep 23, 2018 -

Probiotics is a general term for living microorganisms that are good for human health. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the role of probiotics, and the probiotics industry has mushroomed.

According to the 2013-2017 China probiotics market supply and demand forecast and industry prospect research report, with the continuous in-depth research on probiotics, the application of probiotics is increasingly extensive, and there are breakthroughs in many fields such as medicine, food and chemical industry.


The definition generally accepted by the international nutritional community is that probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to animals and can be used directly as food additives to maintain the balance of intestinal flora. Hundreds of probiotics health products have been developed in foreign countries, including: probiotic-containing sour milk, yoghurt, sour bean milk and oral liquid, tablet, capsule, powder and so on.

The efficacy of probiotics

In daily life, probiotics are mainly known as dairy products, which are mainly used in the production of yogurt, cheese and micro-ecological preparations. In medicine, it is divided into several branches, such as preventing or improving diarrhea, alleviating lactose intolerance, preventing reproductive and respiratory infections, and enhancing human immunity. Among them, in the prevention and treatment of laryngopharyngeal inflammation, has become the dominant field of anti-pharyngitis probiotics, yiqingmei has led the entire pharyngitis probiotics industry!

Effect of probiotics on gynecological inflammation


The health problems of women's private parts are directly related to the problem of acid base balance. Once the PH value (PH balance) is unbalanced, the health problems of human body will soon appear. Probiotics, in turn, regulate ph and eat harmful bacteria. But the number of probiotics decreases rapidly with increased stress, irregular life, depression and age. In particular, the fundamental treatment of gynecological problems is the timely supplement of probiotics to regulate the balance of acid and alkali in the body, improve the healthy environment, enhance immunity, and solve their own diseases in a safe and thorough way. The effect of lactobacillus on human body is to directly supplement the number of probiotics, increase the number of beneficial bacteria, and microbial bacteria directly interact with each other, which can quickly restore the female reproductive system balance of the flora state. In other words, lactobacillus is used to produce lactic acid, which can adjust the PH value of the body, improve and guarantee the best living environment of the active probiotics, and make the PH value of the body reach the PH balance state.

The role of probiotics in airway inflammation


Many health problems in human body are caused by the imbalance of bacteria in the body. The decisive factor is the balance of microecology, which can be relieved and treated by restoring the balance of bacteria in the body. For example, comprehensive symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, vaginal infection and respiratory inflammation have been studied and practiced for many years at home and abroad, and it has been proved that the use of specific clinically proven probiotics can be effectively treated.

Clinical research on respiratory tract infection, oral biogenic bacteria, can reduce the duration of cold and significantly reduce the incidence of flu and cold symptoms. Probiotics strengthen children's resistance to colds and flu. Reduce the number of people who develop cold symptoms; Reduce cold and flu symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat); Shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms.

I didn't think small probiotics had such a big effect. When human body full enough probiotics, people will be in a state of health, but once flora imbalance in the body, such as strain ratio between sharp changes in or beyond the normal value, then the diarrhea, allergies, poor appetite, inflammation, low immunity, a series of symptoms will follow, the health of human body is bright red light, and then add the appropriate probiotics, assist the flora balance inside body, can let a person is healthy again.

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