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Vaginitis Can't Get Rid Of The Mistake
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Vaginitis is a common disease of department of gynaecology, female life as long as a little do not pay attention to the health is easy to cause vaginitis vaginal, and this disease is easy to break out repeatedly, so you need to pay attention to the treatment, the result of a lot of women treat is more for more serious, it let us understand what is mistake for the treatment of vaginitis?

Pure dependence on Chinese medicine

Proprietary Chinese medicine most of department of gynaecology have qingrejiedu effect, can have a better therapeutic effect, but it works slower, pertinence is not strong, generally used to aid in the treatment of chronic inflammation of department of gynaecology, not as the preferred treatment. When acute trichomoniasis, fungus, bacterium infects, still should first choose to fight trichomoniasis, antifungal symptomatic medicine, blindly use Chinese patent medicine may delay disease.

Use all kinds of lotion for a long time

Some women have long used a variety of lotions (including medications and cleansers) to clean their lower bodies, while others have even washed their vaginas with running water while bathing, which is not recommended. Female vagina is acid environment, have self - cleaning effect. Long-term use of various lotion flushing vagina, will kill the body beneficial vaginal bacillus, reduce local resistance, increase the chance of infection.

Heavy use of antibiotics

Many patients start taking antibiotics as soon as they hear they have vaginitis. In fact, the direct consequences of excessive use of antibiotics is to make the bacteria resistant, destroy the balance of vaginal flora between restriction relationship, lead to fungal growth strong, prolonged treatment cycle, the disease can not get effective treatment. The use of antibiotics, especially for fungal infections, can exacerbate the symptoms of infection.

Not timely supplement probiotics

Female vagina is protected by the beneficial bacteria, beneficial bacteria in the female genitals form a strong defense, resist the mold, trichomoniasis, such as the invasion of harmful bacteria, bacterial flora balance, self-cleaning capability is strong, women's health is full of vitality. When the bacteria in private areas are unbalanced and lack the protection of beneficial bacteria, all kinds of harmful bacteria invade in a large scale, causing itching, odor, pain and fatigue. Because of the imbalance of bacteria in women's private parts of vaginitis, there are too many harmful bacteria and too few beneficial bacteria, so it is necessary to supplement the body with beneficial bacteria. With enough probiotics, women can resume self-cleansing.

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