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Vulvar Care
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina helps prevent infection and discomfort. Abnormal changes in vaginal secretions indicate a possible problem.

1. Why is vulva and vaginal care important?

Many women experience uncomfortable vaginal infections (vaginitis) one or more times. The area around the entrance to the vagina (vulva) can also become irritable. Measures can be taken to alleviate and prevent vulvar discomfort and vaginal infections.

Not all vaginal infections are similar, and family treatment may worsen certain types. If you have any concerns about vulva or vaginal health, or notice abnormal changes in vaginal discharge, if the problem persists, please contact your healthcare provider.

2. What is a vulva?

The vulva is a female genital area located outside the vagina. These organs include the folding of sensitive tissue called the labia. There are two parts of the labia, the outermost fold is called the labia majora. The second set of folds, called the labia minora, is enclosed in the labia majora. The vulva also contains areas formed by the pubis, the small round organ, and the vaginal and urethral openings.

3. What is the vagina?

The vagina is part of the female genitalia. It starts from the opening, called the introitus or inner part of the labia, and ends at the opening of the uterus called the cervix.

4. Why does vaginal infection occur?

A vaginal infection occurs when bacteria, fungi, or other organisms grow uncontrolled. Some of these organisms are already present in the vagina and maintain a healthy level by coexisting with other organisms. Unhealthy or unsafe sex can also introduce infectious organisms into the vagina.

5. What is vulvar care?

The goal of vulvar care is to keep the vulva dry and unaffected. In this way, you can prevent the vulva from becoming red, swollen and irritated. Since many infections are introduced into the vagina, these tips also provide a basis for good vaginal care.

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