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What Are The Common Types Of Vaginitis In Women
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Because life has a lot of female friends didn't pay attention to personal hygiene lead to suffer from some disease of department of gynaecology, so these diseases for women's body harm is great, I believe you is no stranger to vaginitis, many female friends have vaginitis disease, the disease occurs often accompanied by vaginal itching, and appear the symptom such as abnormal leucorrhea, bring some problems on the lives of patients, and then we let experts detailed introduce, what are the common types of female vaginitis.

What is the classification of female vaginitis

1. "menarche" stage vaginitis. Woman when you have your first period, puberty for girls shy and hazy understanding of menstruation, often do not know or do not pay attention to menstrual health, panic abuse unclean sanitary products in the paper, making the perineum impurity contamination of toilet paper and menstruation, menstrual tampon, bacteria propagation of flight and attack, cause vaginitis. The main symptoms of this "menarche" stage of vaginitis are the feeling of falling down and burning in the vaginal area, increased vaginal secretions, and even purulent thin thick secretion.

2. Tight pants sexual vaginitis. As the name implies, this vaginitis is caused by girls often wearing tight pants. Over the years, the majority of young women have pursued fashion, fashion and sexiness in their dressing, preferring to wear shape-revealing taenia silk briefs, stretch pants and jeans. Because this kind of trousers is tight, wrap buttock, trousers material is chemical fiber fabric again airtight, make vaginal discharge cannot permeate, the breeding of appropriate bacterium, cause vaginitis.

3. Allergic vaginitis. Some female youth pursue fashionable and fashionable, often colourful wipe thick makeup, after washing bath often also is outside the ministry of vulva puff some sweet powder, asperse a bit perfume, especially summer more like to do so. It should be noted that the chemical composition contained in perfume powder and perfume is very irritating to vulva and vaginal mucosa, and it is more likely to cause allergic reaction and cause vaginitis and vulva inflammation. In clinical practice, some girls use foaming agent and bath oil when bathing. These chemicals are also easy to cause allergic vaginitis. This kind of vaginitis with vagina titillation, vagina and vulva mucosa is red swollen and vaginal discharge is main disease.

4. Suppurative vaginitis. Disease caused by pyogenic bacteria infection, patients with diabetes, tuberculosis, before conduct especially due to ride a motorcycle or bicycle or vaginal laceration, infection involving the failed to timely medical treatment. The main symptoms of this vaginitis are: increased leucorrhea, yellowish pus with a foul odor, vaginal burning or pain. During gynecological examination, the vaginal mucosa is reddened, swollen and even has a small ulcer surface. To treat this kind of vaginitis, doctors will be given antibiotics and external drugs, and active treatment of diabetes, tuberculosis.

Conclusion: only know that there are several kinds of diseases are more enough for symptomatic treatment, then the expert in the article, in order to help more friends to understand the vaginitis disease, especially for vaginitis provided a detailed analysis of some type, after understanding the content, we is a new understanding on vaginitis disease, when we these disease, need to the hospital inspection, confirmed type symptomatic treatment.

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