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What Are The Magical Effects Of Probiotics On Female Gynecology?
- May 29, 2018 -

In today's society, the high incidence of gynecological diseases not only harms women's bodies, but also harms women's psychology, especially the lingering smell of smelly body. The residue of secretions makes underwear unclean forever, and couples' lives are criticized. Even lost the dignity of women, how many women because of the long-term gynecological troubles in life lost happiness, lost confidence in communication, who will help these unfortunate patients with gynecology?

Women have such experience, gynecological disease recurrence frequency is very high, such a vicious circle is exactly to be created. But you know what the relationship between probiotics and gynecological diseases is?

Under normal circumstances, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, sex, etc., especially in sub-healthy environments, stress increases, pollution, improper cleaning methods, especially the misuse of antibiotics, As a result, many women began to reduce the number of probiotics in their bodies, and the number of harmful bacteria began to increase. The increase in harmful bacteria was a direct cause of gynecological inflammation, forming cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and gynecological inflammation in real places. Daily manifestations are: more leucorrhea, itching, congestion, smell, long spots on the face, dark skin, look tired, aging and other symptoms of gynecological diseases, more serious will lead to infertility, and even gynecology The decrease and disappearance of active probiotics is an important cause of gynecological disease recurrence.

Why does probiotics play an artifact role in female gynecology?

At present, the traditional female gynecologic disease treatment, antibiotic therapy occupies the dominant position, there are oral, external, tablets, suppository, spray, lotion. But we do not know that the use of antibiotics in the killing of harmful bacteria, while the probiotics are also killed, completely lost the protection of bacteria, resulting in chronic gynecological diseases, vicious cycle.

Originally we all wanted to use antibiotics to treat diseases, but instead became the main cause of disease recurrence. From the 11th Five-Year Plan to the 12th Five-Year Plan, our country has been advocating bioengineering, and the national medical community is also reducing the use of antibiotics. Using probiotics to fundamentally protect the health of women.

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