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What Is Probiotics?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

In the human body surface and communicates with the outside world is often a sojourner in the channel with beneficial microbes, they usually adsorption on solid surface or gas liquid junction, through the secretion of extracellular polysaccharide and gelatinous mucus, make the beneficial bacteria sticking together to form a membrane.

The beneficial bacteria membrane is a state of self-protection for the beneficial bacteria in the body, which is very different from the beneficial bacteria in the free state, and plays an important role in the stable existence of the beneficial bacteria in the body ecosystem. Probiotics in membrane state have more significant immunomodulatory effects than probiotics in free state, and can inhibit the growth and adhesion of pathogenic bacteria

How does the beneficial bacteria film form?

The beneficial bacteria membrane is always in a fresh state through the following five stages

1. Beneficial bacteria adhesion

The initial adhesion of phytoplankton to the surface matrix is that some beneficial bacteria cells start to adhere to the cavity of the body such as the mouth, respiratory tract, reproductive tract and intestinal tract.

2. Group induction

After the beneficial bacteria adhesion to the cavity surface will secrete some signaling molecules to transfer or regulate gene expression, between each other to control the crowd behavior of the bacteria called quorum sensing, this is beneficial bacteria group in order to adapt to specific environment of population variation process.

3. Extracellular polysaccharide

When the beneficial bacteria accumulated to a certain extent (implantation), the beneficial bacteria would induce the production of extracellular polysaccharide, thus promoting the irreversible adhesion of the beneficial bacteria to the surface matrix. In the probiotics membrane, probiotics themselves account for less than a third of the volume, and the rest of the space is occupied by the "extracellular matrix" of the adhesive secreted by the bacteria. It is these sticky substances that bind thousands of beneficial bacteria together.

4. Maturation of beneficial bacteria membrane structure

Mature beneficial bacteria in the membrane structure can be divided into free bacteria, surface and deep bacteria, can put the beneficial bacteria in the film as a "country, with a strict social organization" oxygen and nutrients, metabolites from inner to outer in an a concentration gradient variation.

Surface bacteria are more likely to obtain nutrition, so they have more active metabolism, which plays a positive role in the probiotic environment of the body. They are also the most vulnerable to damage when breeding rapidly. Deep bacteria are mostly static and reproduce slowly, but are more likely to survive attacks.

5. The individual cells in the probiotics membrane fall off, new cells attach and form a new probiotics membrane.

Through these five stages, the bacterial biofilm completes the cycle of attachment, formation, maturation, aging, shedding, and re-attachment.

Why does the beneficial bacteria membrane in the human body always exist?

Beneficial bacteria within the membrane of probiotics in the condition of continuously grow, most of the probiotic bacteria to common binary fission asexual reproduction in the form of bacteria can be from different plane split, bacillus split along the horizontal axis, under the condition of appropriate growth, division only 20 ~ 30 minutes at a time. For example, according to the calculation of the generation of 20min reproduction, 1 surface probiotics divided into 8 probiotics 3 times after 1h, and the offspring of 1 bacteria after 10h can reach more than 1 billion.

Probiotics, of course, also can never keep this speed unlimited proliferation, after a certain period of time, the surface of probiotics proliferation speed gradually slow down and die, is located in the depths of the beneficial bacteria in the membrane of deep fungus gradually show, has the advantage of living environment, continue to breed a new round of growth.

The relationship between probiotics and human - mutual symbiosis

From the moment a person is born, a microbiome begins to form in the body. Of course, these bacteria are not born naturally. Everyone is in the process of contact with the surrounding environment, constantly receiving and accommodating various strains of bacteria, and gradually forming a beneficial bacteria membrane that is mutually beneficial to their own survival.

Human body to provide suitable to grow its nutrients and the environment, beneficial bacteria film of all kinds of bacteria in the body's metabolic activity to promote the synthesis of the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and regulate the body's immune, etc. Because bacteria have different preferences for different parts of the human body, the composition of different parts of the human body is also different.

Neither human body nor probiotics can survive without this or that. If the population composition of probiotics changes, it will often lead to the loss of beneficial bacteria, which will lead to metabolic problems.

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