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What Kind Of Ovarian Maintenance Can Oneself Do?
- Sep 01, 2018 -

The concept of "ovarian maintenance" is fashionable, and many beauty salons have it, except to put drugs or essential oils on their bellies and massage them, which they explain is to allow the drugs to penetrate the ovaries. In fact, it's impossible! True "ovarian maintain" oneself can accomplish actually.

The ovaries are located in the deepest part of the abdomen, which is impossible to be touched by general massage. One reason why ovarian cancer is found in the middle and late stage is that the ovary is too deep, with gastrointestinal obstruction in front and symptoms are not obvious. The "ovarian maintenance" that beauty parlour realizes through massage is to sell a concept absolutely, if really effective word, can say to accept massage often only, body and mind is relaxed when massaging, this kind of relaxation is the best maintenance to ovarian.

Want to maintain ovary, because this organ is too important to the female, above all it is endocrine organ, estrogen is secreted by it, once progeria or disorder, the state from menstruation to skin can be affected. Because it is an endocrine organ, it directly receives the regulation of emotions, because endocrine, also known as neuroendocrine, is closely related to mental emotions.

There is an endocrine axis in the body, the hypothalamus at the top, pituitary in the middle, and the ovary at the bottom. The ovary is instructed by the two organs above to decide whether it secretes estrogen, how and when. The activity of the hypothalamus directly listens to the cerebral cortex, that is to say, is directly affected by the emotion, if the emotion keeps fluctuating, the hypothalamus is about to come out "faint method", this "faint method" can make the ovary support confused. This is why, once our mood is suddenly stimulated, for example, something happens at home, or our work involves a lot of psychological pressure, our menstruation will soon become abnormal, which is caused by the abnormal ovarian function. If the ovaries are always like this, it really needs maintenance.

It's just that there's nothing profound about this maintenance, because what you can control or what your strength can do is regulate your emotions and try to avoid negative emotional stimuli. If encountered, try to get out of the shadow as soon as possible. In a peaceful state, you will live a healthy and relaxed life without staying up late. Only in this way can you adapt to the periodic changes of the ovary itself, which is the best protection of ovarian function.

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