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What Women's Vaginas Age Easily?
- Aug 24, 2018 -

What is eating away at your happiness?

Perhaps, mature woman can have a few unspeakable, for instance illicit place problem: urticant, peculiar smell, ache, inflammation, dry acerbity, color blackens, leucorrhea is unusual... Most of this is due to vaginal aging!

Which women's vaginas age easily?

Women over 40 years old

Vaginal aging, ovarian function gradually decreased, estrogen decreases, muscle tension decreases, mucosa atrophy, vaginal relaxation, dry, lack of elasticity.

Women who have given birth

From pregnancy to childbirth, the vagina expands to several hundred times, especially the birth wound of natural childbirth, the vagina injury induced in the middle period, and many times of childbirth, and the vaginal elastic fiber is completely broken.

Women who have had sex for more than three years

After 30 years of age or more than 3 years of sexual history, the vagina will age and relax due to long service life and frequent stretching. The occurrence of vaginal relaxation is wide, stimulation response is reduced, vaginal wall seepage is reduced, directly affect the sexual quality of both sides.


4. Women after induced abortion or drug delivery

Women begin to loosen the muscles of the vagina and pelvic cavity at the beginning of pregnancy. During the operation of induced abortion and drug flow, the vagina is dilated and the elasticity is weakened. After the operation, the unclean tissue is left in the vaginal fold and the posterior arch, and the vaginal wall is supported.

How does a woman keep her vagina young?

1. Keep healthy living habits ~

Wearing cotton underwear is the best thing for vagina. Wear condoms during sex. Use inserted cleaning tools with caution. Every day in life should be a good mood, and develop a good habit of early to bed and early to rise

Exercise regularly

In the life should often take exercise, often run, exercise pelvic floor muscle and so on. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles is important for women to achieve stronger, more erotic orgasms. The private parts are the most delicate parts of women. Don't be too intense when you exercise in bed, and keep regular frequency.

3. Supplement of beneficial bacteria to private parts

Often drink the yoghurt that contains active bacterium, can help the progenitive bacterium of vagina, can prevent vaginal yeast infection further. Be careful, however, not to drink high-sugar yoghurt, which can lead to vaginal yeast infections. In addition to the more commonly used good gentleman, the more good gentleman that is female private maintain functional probiotics, through to the vagina added a lot of beneficial bacteria, adjusting the vaginal flora balance, beneficial bacteria in the film, "natural" defense restore vaginal self-cleaning function, the gold standard of the female vagina health the I degree of cleanliness (beneficial bacteria content more than 90%).

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