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When Does Probiotics Eat Best? Don't Forget To Eat Probiotics For Winter Flu!
- Jul 07, 2018 -

When does probiotics eat best? Don't forget to eat probiotics for winter flu!

When does probiotics eat best? Like autumn and winter, it's a flu season. Every fall and winter, pediatric clinics are overcrowded, experts say. Climate change has caught many new parents by surprise, so it's important to give babies probiotics early.

Influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. The virus is present in the respiratory tract of the patient and can be transmitted to the baby by droplets when coughing or sneezing. The flu is highly infectious, due to the virus variation, even the baby had the flu, the next time again met flu pandemic, will still be infected, so easy to cause fulminant epidemic flu.

When does probiotics eat best? The cold winter is the height of the flu season, and babies with low immunity are particularly susceptible to colds, when parents are expected to feed their babies probiotics early.

Since the baby's immune system has not yet developed and matured, especially the intestinal microecology closely related to the immune system is still unstable, which is easy to be infected by pathogenic microorganisms outside. Food change, climate change, illness, misuse of antibiotics and so on May damage children's intestinal microecology and lead to imbalance of intestinal flora. Children after the dysbacteriosis, form a biological barrier, promote the secretion of sIgA, the function of the activated immune cells, this gives a cold viruses take, cause a series of symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose. According to statistics, the average number of colds in young children is as high as 6-10 times a year.

As to when probiotics are best eaten, parents need to pay attention to the use of probiotics when the baby's stomach acid secretes least, which can reduce the effect of gastric acid on probiotics activity. Therefore, it is recommended to eat on an empty stomach every morning and before dinner. 2 times a day, 1 bag at a time, with warm water or directly add milk, rice paste and other liquid food to drink.


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