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When Is It Best To Eat Probiotics?
- Sep 11, 2018 -


You know what probiotics do to your gut, but when is the best time to eat them? It is generally believed that it is best to eat probiotics on an empty stomach, because the stomach acid content is less in an empty stomach, at this time taking probiotics will not be damaged by stomach acid. Is that the case?

How long can probiotics survive in the gut?

According to physiological studies, probiotics can survive for less than 3 hours in an acidic environment with a PH value of 1.5 to 3.0, while in a acidic environment with a PH value of 1.0, probiotics can be consumed completely after a stay of up to 1 hour.

Empty stomach acid is high, can kill probiotics

The PH value of gastric juice when the human body is on an empty stomach is about 0.8-2. In such a high-acid environment, it is not difficult to imagine that gastric acid will kill all probiotics. In addition, if you eat probiotics on an empty stomach for a long time, you may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. On the contrary, when eating, although gastric wall cells will secrete a large amount of gastric acid under the stimulation, the content of gastric acid will not be very high because the food itself plays the role of diluting gastric acid.

The three most appropriate stages of probiotics

According to medical research, the three most appropriate stages of probiotics are taken between meals, with meals or immediately after meals. There is no problem of too much acid secretion in the stomach or discomfort when taking on an empty stomach, and probiotics are more easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines. But it's important to note that probiotics should not be mixed with overheated foods, or they could be damaged.

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