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When Is Probiotics Best To Eat
- Oct 13, 2018 -

We all know that regular probiotics supplements have some benefits for children and adults, but how should they be replenished and what should you pay attention to? Here are some common questions about probiotics:


1. Can we directly supplement probiotics in our daily diet?

Yes, but the amount of probiotics in your diet is limited, so supplements with products containing active probiotics are needed.

2. Why should children take probiotics?

The colonization of the intestinal tract of the newborn begins after birth, and the earlier the intestinal microecology is established, the less the child's body will be disturbed by other problems, so it is necessary to supplement active probiotics appropriately.

3. How to eat probiotics?

Probiotics afraid "hot", so need to pay more attention to the water temperature of mixing, 38 ℃ is appropriate. It is also important to keep the bacteria active by reducing their exposure to the air.

When is it better to eat probiotics?

The effect of probiotics on the activity of probiotics can be reduced by eating probiotics when the stomach acid secretes less. Therefore, it is recommended to have it every morning on an empty stomach and before dinner.

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