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Which Probiotics Help With Digestion?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

People often ask, "which probiotics should you eat to help you digest? Today, we're going to look at the role of probiotics in solving the common myths about probiotics. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of probiotics, and this time I'll cut to the chase and leave out the redundancy.


1. Probiotics are not very helpful in digestion. They are "whole intestines".

Probiotics are defined as "the quality of the intestinal flora of a particular or complex microorganism that is fed to humans or animals." The role of lactobacillus in improving the quality of intestinal plexus may be

1. The production of organic acids (lactic acid and acetic acid) can reduce the intestinal ph and inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

2. Compete with harmful bacteria for nutrients to reduce production and reproduction of harmful bacteria.

3. Adhere to the epithelium of intestinal mucosa to reduce the site of harmful bacteria proliferation.

4. Produce antibacterial substances, etc.

5. Probiotics can promote intestinal wall cells to secrete mucus and mucin, reduce the chance of intestinal epithelial cells to contact with pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances and lubricate the intestinal tract.

For lactobacillus to be effective as a whole, it is assumed that it must be present in the gut, but it is difficult for probiotics to compete with established pests, and the best way to do that is to continuously apply probiotics.

Many fermented milk or normally used lactobacillus preparations use lactobacillus isolated from the human gut in an attempt to improve its stationarity in the human body. A number of clinical trials have also shown that this type of lactobacillus does have good normal effects and does reduce the number of bacteria in the intestine that are not good.

Probiotics are good for the intestines by reducing the proportion of harmful bacteria and helping to lubricate the intestines to reduce many intestinal discomfort symptoms. They are suitable for use in the whole intestines and not very helpful for digestion. However, if too many bad bacteria cause intestinal dysfunction, which further affects intestinal absorption, probiotics can volatilize the intestinal effect and further improve intestinal absorption, so you should understand your physical condition before choosing products.

Help digestion, choosing digestive enzymes may not help!

Poor digestion, as we commonly call it, is the inability to break down macromolecules into smaller molecules that can be absorbed into the gut. And in the human body ACTS like a knife similar mince nutrient thing to call digestive enzyme, its can the carbohydrate that we eat, protein, adipose decompose small molecule, facilitate the body absorb, because such, on the market has a lot of product of digestive enzyme that flaunt helps digestion.

In fact, except for those with chronic pancreatitis or older people, the average person only needs a balanced intake of nutrients and does not need additional enzymes. On the one hand, the digestive enzyme secreted by normal people is enough to be used for "normal eating"; on the other hand, the actual effect of the enzyme sold on the market is limited, and whether some of the enzymes extracted from plants have the same function as the human body is still up for discussion, so it is not particularly recommended for people to supplement.

Usually on a balanced diet, your body produces enough digestive enzymes to use. However, if the diet is too monotonous, such as eating too much meat, may make the digestive enzyme responsible for the secretion of the lack of time, caused by indigestion, at this time, some additional digestive enzymes have a meaning.

In addition, if, the digestive enzyme that you take really can work, also do not suggest you take for a long time. The reason is that long-term supplementation of digestive enzymes may reduce the amount of digestive enzymes that they secrete themselves, commonly known as dependency.

Improving food choices is the key

Instead of spending a fortune on digestive enzymes, change your diet, the editor suggests. Want to notice to eat slowly at ordinary times, balanced food, diversiform a few, such can make digestive enzyme normal operation not only, still can avoid get fat. On the other hand, fruits such as pineapple, papaya and kiwi are rich in enzymes for digesting protein. People can eat these fruits properly to avoid flatulence.

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