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Why Does Unmarried Get Vaginitis?
- Sep 01, 2018 -

A lot of people think vaginitis is the disease that married woman just can get, do not know, a lot of unmarried woman also can get vaginitis, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

Women's vagina, there are two natural barriers: outside the size of the labia semi closed "portal", with the vaginal acid environment within the secretions, can prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. These two natural barriers keep the vagina clean. However, the anatomic location of the vagina is not good for vaginal self-cleaning: it passes inside the cervix, connects with the perineum, and is adjacent to the urethra and anus. Therefore, if girls do not understand or ignore the cleanliness of the vagina and surrounding organs, it is easy to induce the following types of vaginitis:

Young female vaginitis

It is more common to wear the little girl of open crotch pants, come on a disease reason is the girl is sitting on the ground when playing or crawling on the ground, or finger is pressed directly into vagina, put foreign body even, cause vulva, vagina to be polluted, cause vaginitis.

The main symptoms are redness and swelling of vulva, fluid secretion in vagina, burning pain or strange pain in vagina. For the treatment of young female vaginitis, simply use (containing talc, liquorice) medicine and rinse the vagina and vulva with water, then can receive satisfactory effect. To prevent illness, do not give a girl to wear crotch pants, change to wear loose and easy take off of close crotch pants, at the same time education girl pays attention to hygiene, do not touch vagina with hand or foreign body, clean perineum to girl every night.

2. Primary vaginitis of girls

Adolescent girl comes menstruation for the first time, call "menarche", because of girl shyness and to menstruation hazy understanding, they often do not know or do not pay attention to menstruation sanitation, abuse the toilet paper of impurity, cause vulva to be polluted by sanitary toilet paper and menarchal belt, menarchal cotton plug, germ take advantage of opportunity to breed and enter offense, cause menarchal vaginitis.

This kind of vaginitis symptom characteristic is: meeting pudendal have drop and burning feeling, vaginal secretion is increased, show purulent even kind of secrete. Due to vaginal discharge overflow, stimulation of the urethral mouth, frequent urination, urinary pain symptoms. The patient can clean vulva and vulva before going to bed, wipe dry with clean finger, gently push jie eryin plug into the vagina, its antiphlogistic effect is very good, and will not damage the hymen.

3. Tight crotch pants vaginitis

As the name implies, this vaginitis is due to women often wear tight crotch wrapped buttocks of briefs and high-elastic bodysuit caused. In recent years, some girls who love beauty often like to wear tights that show off their curves. These pants are tight to the crotch. Package buttocks. The fabric is chemical fiber fabric is dense and airtight, vaginal secretions and sweat are not easy to be distributed, suitable for bacteria twin reproduction, cause vaginitis.

Its main symptom is: leucorrhea is overmuch, vagina and size labia SAO is itchy, accompany have urination frequency. With greater urgency. Urinary tract irritation and other symptoms. Treat this kind of vaginitis, do not wear the tight crotch pants of chemical fiber fabric first, change to wear cotton knits pants and loose crotch pants. Wash the vulva every night and take antibiotics.

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