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Why Is My Vaginitis Recurrent?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

I followed medical advice that took antibiotics for my vaginitis and I was cured but after several days it reappear. Thats terrible!


Healthy women have more than 90 per cent of beneficial bacteria in their vagina, which is good standard for vagina healthy.But the traditional way to treat vaginitis is to take antibiotics that kills both harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria in your vagina, which will make the vagina empty. After drug withdrawal, more and more harmful bacteria will enter your vagina for your vagina is near to urethra and anus where are full of harmful bacteria, then your vaginitis becomes more serious.

For this problems, our President, Mr.Cui in Shenyang Huixing Biotech Co.,Ltd has developed one theory to handles this. It is supplement beneficial bacteria to balance micro-ecological bacterial flora, which awarded Mr Cui as one of Top ten leading figures of National Women and Children Health Profession.


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