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Why Is Probiotics Good For Gynaecology
- Oct 10, 2018 -

In today's society, the high incidence of gynecological diseases not only hurts women's bodies, but also tortures women's psychology, especially the lingering smell of the body, the residue of secretions makes underwear unclean forever, couples are blamed for life, and even lose women's dignity.

How many women have lost their happiness in life and confidence in communication due to the long-term perplexity of gynecology? The thoughts of dirty women are always lingering. Who will help these unfortunate women with gynecological diseases?


The woman has such experience, the relapse frequency of disease of department of gynaecology is very high, how is such vicious circle caused after all, how much does female friend know about this again? But what do you know about the relationship between probiotics and gynecological diseases?

Through the interview of the common people in the street, we can conclude that they only heard about probiotics, that it is a foreign technology, that China does not, and that gynecological inflammation can only be treated with antibiotics, probiotics to improve gynecological diseases are not understood.


Under normal circumstances, menstruation, pregnancy, maternity, sex and so on, especially in the environment of sub-health, pressure increases, the pollution, improper cleaning method, especially the abuse of antibiotics has led many women to probiotics began to decline, the number of harmful bacteria began to increase, the increase of harmful bacteria is a direct result of the root cause of inflammation of department of gynaecology.

Form, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, such as taking part of inflammation of department of gynaecology, daily performance is: the leucorrhoea grow in quantity, SAO is urticant, congestion, have peculiar smell, face long spot, dull skin, burnout, accelerated aging of department of gynaecology of a variety of symptoms, such as more serious can cause infertility, gynecological cancer even, so the number of active probiotics reduce and disappear, is the most important reason to cause disease of department of gynaecology start and recurrence.

Why do probiotics have a magical effect on women's gynaecology?

At present, the traditional treatment of gynecological diseases of women, antibiotic therapy, there are oral, external, tablet, suppository, spray, lotion. However, we do not know that when antibiotics are used to kill harmful bacteria, probiotics are also killed, and the protection of probiotics is completely lost, leading to prolonged treatment of gynecological diseases, repeated attacks.

We all wanted to use antibiotics to treat diseases, but they became the main reason for the recurrence of diseases. From the 11th five-year plan to the 12th five-year plan, we have been advocating and promoting biological engineering, and the medical community across the country has been reducing the use of antibiotics and using probiotics to fundamentally protect women's health.


Probiotics and gynecological inflammation

There are three main ways to maintain the microecological balance of vagina:

I. competitive adhesion, occupying the surface of reproductive tract mucosa, preventing the adhesion of harmful bacteria;

Second, it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics can produce acidic substances such as lactic acid, reduce pH, inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria such as candida albicans and gardnerella, produce bacteriostatic H2O2, produce bacteriostatic active substances such as cytins, and compete with pathogenic nutrients.

Three, is immune defense function, probiotics can cause the host immune response is good, you can also cut the bad immune response, inflammation and allergic reaction, can adjust the nonspecific immune function, enhance the mucous membrane barrier function, produce cytokines, etc., can also regulate specific immune function, stimulate the immune cell proliferation, differentiation and the ability to produce cytokines.


Probiotics have a significant effect on improving female health. Bacteriocins and other substances inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and have a good prevention and improvement effect on bacterial vaginosis, vulvovaginal candidiasis, urinary tract infection and other reproductive tract infections.

In the face of various gynecological diseases, women should consider the treatment of both symptoms and root problems, do not leave any time bomb to their health.

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