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Why Organic Tampons Are Not Worth Buying, Here Are The Reasons
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Is the tampon made of organic cotton more suitable for the environment? of course. Are they more expensive? Yes. But are they better for your body? Many health bloggers, websites and organic tampons sellers certainly think so.

A large number of online sources claim that traditional tampon contains harmful chemicals that can damage your health. They believe that organic tampons are safer and better for you. But gynecologists say this is not true. “For most people, traditional tampons are no problem and have been used for years without problems,”

You may not be worried about buying organic tampon for the following reasons:

1. Organic isn't better for preventing toxic shock syndrome.


If you are a tampon wearer, you may have heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but life-threatening infection associated with tampons. But the risk of TSS is not related to whether your tampon is organic. “TSS is more related to the absorption and use time of a single tampon,” So, for organic products, not organic products, this is not much different.”

To protect yourself from TSS, you should “never place the tampon for more than 8 hours, ensure that the tampon is packaged intact, and then use the lowest absorbency, which is reasonable for your flow. ”


2. The fear of hygienic cotton toxins is exaggerated.


Some natural and "healthy" bloggers warn of the harm of dioxin. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these are artificial environmental pollutants that can cause cancer, reproductive problems and damage to the immune system at high enough doses.

3. You should also not worry about herbicides in tampon.微信图片_20180919163537.png

Another popular concern is that tampons made from conventional cotton contain glyphosate, a weed killer that's sprayed on many conventional crops, including cotton. It's not allowed for organic crops, though. Humans are mostly exposed to glyphosate through food, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.


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