Fresh Breathing Probiotics

Fresh Breathing Probiotics

JECANG ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS TABLET FOR ORAL CAVITY City Smog Fine Particles Sand Weather Long-term Smoker JECANG SPECIFICATIONS OF ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS TABLET FOR ORAL CAVITY By directly adding a large amount of beneficial bacteria to oral cavity, builds up active...

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Probiotics is a kind of active microorganism which is beneficial to the host.It is a general term of the active and beneficial microorganism that can produce the exact health effect and improve the micro-ecological balance of the host .

JECANG is oral cavity probiotics tablet for oral care and freshing breath.

By supplementing the oral cavity directly with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotics), it promotes the oral cavity flora balance, establishes a viable and beneficial bacteria barrier, restores the self-cleaning function of the oral cavity,relieves bad breath and oral ulcer.

Our oral cavity probiotics product is of Disinfection Product Number. It is different from products of National Medicine Permission. It can be sold not only in private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other offline channels, but also can be sold online, such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. We are seeking all kinds of cooperation including agent, OEM,ODM.


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