Probiotics for Sore Throat

Probiotics for Sore Throat

Active ingredients: Active freeze-frying probiotics.
Main functions: Clean breath,Supplement oral probiotics,Eliminate oral inflammation,achieve oral cavity.
Apply to: Bad breath,Mouth ulcer,pharynx and larynx discomfort,sore throat.

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Product Details

what is Probiotics Kings?

Probiotics Kings are active probiotic freeze-dried tablets. They can supplement oral probiotics, refresh the breath, relieve oral inflammation, remove pharynx and larynx discomfort and sore throat, enhance oral immunity.

Product Features

1. Supplement oral probiotics and enhance oral immunity.

2. Clear bad breath,  farewell to pharynx and larynx discomfort and sore throat .

3.Advanced Japanese freeze drying technology applied.

4.Store under normal  temperature without refrigeration.

5.Achieve oral cavity.

Function of Probiotics Kings

Probiotics Kings cleans breath, Supplement oral probiotics, Eliminate oral inflammation and help people recover from Bad breath, Mouth ulcer,pharynx and larynx discomfort and sore throat and achieve oral cavity.

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