Beauty Center Facial Care Probiotics Products

Beauty Center Facial Care Probiotics Products

Ingredient:Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus
Main function:Facial cleaning, Brightening, Smoothing
Apply to:Sensitive skins, Skin daily care

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Product Details

LYANPO is a facial care probiotics product for cleaning, brightening and smoothing your facial skin.

How does probiotics  effect on people’s healthy?

The skin is supported by collagen, which is located in the lower layer of the epidermis, the collagen can break and collapse after saccharification, which is the cause of skin fold formation. Probiotics, prominent function is to make the lack of a large number of value-added collagen, fast recovery collagen support, eliminate toxin deposition, improve skin ability to resist infection, brighten face skin.

My skin is sensitive, can I use it?

Our skin care probiotics is micro-ecological preparations, no additives, no drug ingredients, no antibiotics and hormones, you can use it for long time. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

It is facial mask?

No, it is skin care probiotics powder. It can help you to brighten and whiten your face skin. Many beauty salon choose it as beauty face care probiotics.

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