Foot Smooth Nourish Moisturizing Probiotics Mask

Foot Smooth Nourish Moisturizing Probiotics Mask

E-JUN Foot Care Product name : Shan Yu Jun Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic powder (for skin) Brand name: E-JUN Foot Care Active ingredients : Active freeze-drying probiotic live lactobacillus Traits: The content is ivory powder Effective Content: The total amount of live...

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Product Details

It’s product which contains probiotics, for taking care of foot.

Please be noted:

1. Please don’t use it together with antibiotics.

2.This product may not fit for people with allergic constitution

Why we must adopt probiotics after using antibiotis?


Antibiotics is not so smart as human being ,it will kill both germs and beneficial microorganism, so we need supply probiotics to our body on time to reconstruct the microbial ecology defence of our body.Problems including  Dry and rough,Skin calluses,cheiroschisis,more than 90% of them is related to”unbalance of microorganism,so supplying probiotics to our body is very important,E-jun ecological hand mask turn your hand back to as tender and white as it used to be.

Why choose Huimeiren?

1. Advantage of product

Japanese biological technology is introduced,the product is nature and safe, soft and will not provoke your skin,restore the original healthy microbial ecology., it is  edible probiotics product.


2. Advantage of brand

17 years of brand history, high rated by people, huimeiren product is  proved  to  have great effects on improving the balance of microbial ecology by 17 years of pratical use, More percentage of survival while reproduce more quickly, it’s very powerful when fighting with harmful germs.


3. Advantage of technology

International “freezing to lock the power” technology applied,ensure the “probiotics’ high percentage of survival “ there for the effect of the product  can be ensured.


4. Advantage of manufacturing

Huimeiren own a factory which cover a land of 12000 square meters,equips with 100000 degree purification workshop, packaging workshop,central warehouse, logistics center, research center,etc.

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