Probiotics for Foot Issues Solution

Probiotics for Foot Issues Solution

ingredient:Active Freeze-Drying probiotics and lactobacillus main function:inhibiting foot fungi, solving foot diseases problems, caring foot Apply to:foot eczema, athlete’s foot

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Product Details

It is skin probiotics. Especially for foot care. The probiotics product can solve foot diseases problems, such as foot eczema, athlete’s foot.

Matters Need your Attention

The product may fail to take effect when you use it with antibiotics, so if necessary, please use them separately at different times.

Why do we have to use probiotics after using antibiotics?

After using antibiotics,  your body become “empty city” state, the harmful bacteria will invade your body easily. It is important to use probiotics to resist the entry of harmful bacteria.

why choose Hui Mei Ren?

The effect and safety of our company’s product are tested by the national authorities, and we can issue the test report.

How is prociotics beneficial to people’s health?

Probiotics have many functions of regulating physiological function. Promote digestion, maintain normal intestinal function, strengthen immunity and relieve allergic reaction, solve foot diseases problems.

The product has any smell?

The product smells a little sour, because there is lactobacillus in it.

Does it work for the leuconychia?

JEFEE is mainly aimed at adjusting athlete’s foot, the effect to the leuconychia is not very obvious.

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