Pregnant Female Vaginal Infection Probiotics

Pregnant Female Vaginal Infection Probiotics

EASIBABE SHAN YU JUN Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic tablet Instruction or pre-pregnant/pregnancy/lactation period women By supplementing the vagina directly with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotic), this product promotes the vaginal flora balance, establishes a viable and beneficial...

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Product Details

EASIBABE is designed especially for pregnant (pre-pregnant) women.

What's in the EASIBABE ?

Active freeze-frying probiotics ,live lactobacillus which exist in vagina.

How to use EASIBABE?

After cleaning the vulva, wear the finger sheath, and insert this product into the vagina. Start by using 2 tablets at the first time, afterwards use one tablet at a time.

Why doctors recommend the use of probiotics?

Probiotics exist in our body, thus the use of probiotics will not have any side effects or dependence. In addition, probiotics can help people resist the invasion of harmful bacteria and enhance the body's immune capacity. So doctors advise people to use probiotics.

Please be noted

1. External use only; Do not take orally.

2.  Please avoid from using this product with other antibacterial products simultaneously due to the concern on the reduction of this product's effectiveness.

3. Allergies are used with caution.

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