Pregnant Feminine Vagina Care Probiotics

Pregnant Feminine Vagina Care Probiotics

EASIBABE SHAN YU JUN Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic tablet Instruction Please avoid from using this product with other antibacterial products simultaneously due to the concern on the reduction of this product's effectiveness. 2. A few people are found experiencing some...

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Product Details

EASIBABE is designed especially for pregnant (pre-pregnant) women.

How does it work?

EASIBABE can promptly add vaginal probiotics into the vagina, regulate vaginal flora balance and acid-base balance To achieve the gold standard of pregnant (pre-pregnant) female health-Degree I of vagina cleanliness.As a result, reproductive system becomes  healthier and thus pregnancy rates improves and fetus survives better.

What areas can EASIBABE apply to?

EASIBABE can apply to Pharmacy, clinics, health care and online sales.

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