Female Vaginal Tightening Vagina Care Probiotics

Female Vaginal Tightening Vagina Care Probiotics

Effective Constituent:Shan Yu Jun, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium.
Main Functions:Efficiently improves vaginal elasticity, smooths and moisturizes vagina, prevents gynecological diseases after sexing.
Applicable Symptoms:Cervical Erosion, Vaginitis, Annexitis, Endometritis, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Ugly Odor, Distending Pain In Lower Abdomen, Hormonal Imbalance.

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Product Details

Miss. Miao is a probiotic product especially for vagina use. Miss. Miao can keep your vagina clean and your vaginal discharge clear, is especially good when being used before and after sex to keep your vagina healthy.

How to use this product?

Miss. Miao is for external use, do not swallow. Directly insert capsule into vagina before sleeping. For detailed information, please refer to the product specification.

Doctors are suggesting more and more people to use probiotics, why

For a human body, there are lots of different organism systems. For every system, there is bacterial flora with including beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria together. Once the bacterial flora is imbalanced, the proportion of beneficial and harmful bacteria will be abnormal which means your body is becoming weak, in the meantime lots of harmful bacteria will invade your body, finally causes body inflammations such as gynecological infections and so on. Miss. Miao can supplement enough beneficial bacteria into your vagina as a natural preventive barrier to inhibit harmful bacteria invasion.

What are the matters need to pay attention (to)?

At the first time after using this product, you may feel the vulva has a little bit sharp pain which is totally normal phenomenon. The reason is that the vulva is closed to the urinary meatus and anus which have lots of pathogenic bacterium what cause the mucosa and skin around the vulva is damaged with erosion. After insistently using Miss. Miao, it will form a probiotic coating for your vulva and vagina to prevent pathogenic bacterium invade the reproductive system. 

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