Women Vaginal Shrinkage Smooth Probiotics

Women Vaginal Shrinkage Smooth Probiotics

Active ingredients:Active freeze-drying probiotic live lactobacillus
Main function:Regulate the repeated vaginal flora disturbance caused by both the traditional medicine and Western medicine used for "sterilization and anti inflammation". Restores normal vaginal flora balance post sexual activity, menstruation, abortion, and childbirth.
Apply to:Private part is dry, Flatus vaginalis, Private part is loose, Aborted female, Women who have given birth,Difficult to reach climax, High quality of sexual life.

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Product Details

Sing Life improves symptoms associated with vaginal infection, including itching, discharge, and malodor.

What's in the Sing Life ?

Active freeze-frying probiotics ,live lactobacillus which exist in vagina. 6 tablets per box.

How to use Sing Life?

1. After cleaning the vulva, wear the finger sheath, and insert this product into the vagina. Start by using 2 tablets for the first time, afterwards use one tablet each time,  We recommend to use it before sleep. 2. If experiencing vulva discomfort, please dissolve one tablet with 5.0ml clean water to turn into paste and apply it directly to vagina.

Why do I have to use probiotics after using antibiotics?

Antibiotics not only kill harmful bacteria but also kill beneficial bacteria, The decrease of beneficial bacteria makes the body's immunity drop, and it is more susceptible to harmful bacteria invading the human body. Therefore, after using antibiotics, we must add probiotics to enhance human immunity.

Please be noted

1. External use only; Do not take orally.

2.  Please avoid using this product together with other antibacterial products simultaneously due to the concern on the reduction of this product's effectiveness.

3. Allergies please be careful to use to.

4.This product can not be used to prevent infection transmitted by sex.

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