Dilute Spots Skin Recovering Probiotics Products

Dilute Spots Skin Recovering Probiotics Products

Effective component:Shan Yu Jun freeze-drying active factor of live lactobacillus.
Main function:Balance facial micro flora, enhance skin’s immunity.
Application:Facial acne, pimple, skin infection

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JFL skin is a skin probiotics product for facial bacteria flora imbalance, supplement plenty of beneficial bacteria to regulate the PH value and to enhance skin’s immunity.

The empty city theory ---example as female vagina:

healthy women have more than 90% of the beneficial bacteria in their vagina, the gold standard for vaginal health. When the body's immunity weakens, the amount of beneficial bacteria decreases to less than 50%. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and other harmful bacteria invade from the vaginal opening, Vaginal inflammation comes, and a healthy vagina becomes vaginitis. Traditional gynecology uses antibiotics to kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria together during this treatment of vaginal inflammation.A vaginal canal without beneficial bacteria becomes an “empty city with no protective barrier.” hrough the “open door”, harmful bacteria invade the vagina, the uterus, and the ovaries, causing a more severe inflammation and an upward infection in the reproductive system.

If one stops taking the drug, harmful bacteria will invade again. If one takes the drug again, the harmful bacteria will be killed. This becomes a vicious cycle with repeated use of antibiotics. By using antibiotics repeatedly, the vaginal immunity will be diminished to nothing, resulting in a higher chance of a human “ecological disaster” such as uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.

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