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Scientific Research Strength

In HuiMeiRen , the efficient operation system is the most powerful business support and service guarantee for marketing partners. HuiMeiRen (China) has cover 12000 square meters factory with five major dedicated  spaces for production, packaging, storage, central warehouse, and logistics In addition, the Huimeiren has a class 100,000 clean room and active staff more than 300. In the digital age, the company has built into a complete digital channels,including 15 websites, 2 Weibo, 5 WeChat platforms and 2 Apps. It provides convenient access for consumers and the public to learn about HuiMeiRen Company and buy products.

The company currently has more than 100 registered trademarks, including Jecang,IntesPro,jie tong,Jeffee,shan yujun,ChicBelle,E-Jun Probiotics,Sing Life,EasiBabe,xin lebao,si ding,ZIN,1°Care,Miss. Miao,ZhenYInMei,LiKang,JFL Skin Optimal State,YiDouLe、XiYa,Lyanpo etc..

HuiMeiRen will unswervingly take the core competitiveness of high technology as the key strategic direction for the connotation of core competence. Through the in-depth implementation of the strategic policy of leading talent, leading science and technology, leading the mode and leading the mechanism, we can seize the opportunity acutely with the new international vision, face the challenge bravely, realize the historical leapfrogging of benefiting the new, and build HuiMeiRen into a public, international modern probiotics enterprise group.

The HuiMeiRen biotechnology research team has nine key competencies: I. Ability to doubt; 2. Ability to induce and sum up; 3. Logical analysis ability; 4. Self-examination ability; 5. Self-study ability; 6.Courage; 7. The spirit of dedication; 8. Associative ability; 9. Ability to think of some strange things.

Cutting-edge research talents:

After graduating from university, Mr. Cui Taixing has been engaged in the research and development of new products in the pharmaceutical industry. He has studied in Japan and participated in Japan's national research projects.

The research team reflects the characteristics of modern management, with certain flexibility, spontaneity and unpredictability. Modern management has changed from a quasi-static way in which long-term stability was accompanied by short-term change to long-term continuous change with short-term or relatively stable dynamic processes. An important prerequisite for the formation of scientific research teams is to retain and introduce talents.

High-tech R & D

Liaoning University: Liaoning university is the only comprehensive university in Liaoning province, which has the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, science, engineering, management, medicine and art. The college has three campuses, namely Shenyang Chongshan campus, Shenyang Puhe campus and Liaoyang Wusheng campus. The college covers an area of 2196 mu, with a building area of 88.77 million square meters, which is the key construction institution of the national "project 211" and the key university of Liaoning province.

There are 28 experimental teaching centers (rooms) in the college, 125 practice bases, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 276.2099 million yu an. Relatively perfect public service system construction, the library has a total area of 42000 square meters, the collection of volumes of literature is 2.83 million, over 300 kinds of rare books, designated by the United Nations publication department as the United Nations literature collection library, the state council approved the "national key protection unit for ancient books". The school has a history museum, a natural museum, a collection of more than 2,000 cultural relics and more than 16,000 biological specimens. The campus network is a part of education and scientific research network in China, and has become the regional node of Shenyang northern university.

China Medical University

China Medical University located in Shenyang which is a national famous historical and cultural city in Liaoning province . The National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Liaoning Provincial people's Government to build the university together. Outstanding doctor education training program is in this university, and it is the National key Universities undertaking the Project of "Outstanding and innovative talents training .It was selected Liaoning Province first-class university key construction university, and became the domestic high level university key construction university"

The Chinese Medical University is the earliest institution established by the Communist Party of China. Its predecessor was the Red Army Medical School of the Chinese workers and peasants and the Red Army Health School of Chinese workers and peasants, which was established in Ruijin in Jiangxi in November 1931. The school is the only one that has completed the long march of the red army in the name of the school and continues to run in the long march. It is also one of the earliest medical colleges in China to carry out the education of the western medical college. In September 1940, it was renamed China Medical University. In 2000, Jointly established by the former Ministry of Health as a provincial ministry in 2000.

Japan BMG Corporation

Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan:

Kyoto university(English:Kyoto University,Japanese hiragana:きょうとだいがく),Referred to asきょうだい,is a world-class research university, second only to the university of Tokyo in terms of a wide range of disciplines and a large national comprehensive university. Japan's second old Imperial University after the University of Tokyo. As one of the highest educational institutions in Japan, Kyoto University enjoys a high reputation in the world, and its cultivated talents and academic achievements are well known around the world. It is known as "the cradle of scientists".



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