Face Luster Beauty Probiotics

Face Luster Beauty Probiotics

Ingredient:Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus
Main function:Facial cleaning, Brightening, Smoothing
Apply to:Sensitive skins, Skin daily care

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Product Details

LYANPO is a facial care probiotics product for cleaning, brightening and smoothing your facial skin.

By adding the lyophilized active beneficial bacteria to facial skin, it can repair the damage caused by the long-term using of cosmetics, and re-establish the natural defence posted by beneficial bacteria.

To what occasion this product can be applied to?

This facial probiotics can be sold in beauty salon, cosmetics shop, and pharmacy. Also can be sold online.

It contains 30 bags and a piece of instruction.

How to use this kind of probiotics product?/ Instruction for use.

One bag per night. After washing face, put our products powder in your hand and mix it with a little bit water together until feeling the mixture is smooth. Smear this mixture on your face and massage for 2~3mins, then wash your face.

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