Inhibiting Foot Fungi Probiotics Products

Inhibiting Foot Fungi Probiotics Products

JEFEE Shan Yu Jun Active freeze-drying probiotic(for skin)instruction By supplementing foot directly with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotic), to regulate the skin’s micro-flora balance, establishes a viable and beneficial bacteria barrier, restores the skin’s self-cleaning function, and achieves...

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It is skin probiotics. Especially for foot care. The probiotics product can solve foot diseases problems, such as foot eczema, athlete’s foot.

By replenishing the lyophilized active beneficial bacteria to foot skin, this product helps promote the foot flora balance, establish a viable beneficial bacteria barrier, restore self-cleaning function of the foot skin.

ZU JE NING is pharmacy probiotics, beauty care probiotics. You can also use it for daily foot care. So you can buy it in beauty salon, pharmacy, clinic etc. .

It contains 5 tubes of probiotics powder, a bag of cotton buds and a piece of instruction.

Instruction for use.

1. For external use, so do not take it orally.

2. Put the powder on where you are feeling uncomfortable.

3. Mix 0.5g powder with 3.0ml purified water, then put the mixture on uncomfortable place. Normally, once a day.Twice a day for serious patient.

Why doctors recommended probiotics?

Probiotics is bacteria that the human body needs, It has no side effects and dependencies. It can be used as daily care product. Pregnant women can safely use it.  

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