Foot Skin Smooth and Repair Probiotics

Foot Skin Smooth and Repair Probiotics

E-JUN Foot Care Shan Yu Jun Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic powder Instruction(for skin) To decrease the tiredness and owning a pair of beautiful feet, we suggest do 30 minutes food care everyday By supplementing foot skin with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotic), to regulate skin’s...

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Product Details

It’s product which contains probiotics, for taking care of foot.

The product is capable of :

1. Exfoliating dead skin: Lactobacillus react quickly to speed up  metabolism of foot,which Exfoliating dead skin of foot.

2. Exfoliating callus: Control harmful  microorganism by  cultivating  beneficial microorganism,promote the growth of  beneficial microorganism to improve skin.

3. Soften foot’s skin:Re-establish the nature defence posted by beneficial microorganism,restore skin’s ability to clean itself.

4. Suppress harmful microorganism persistly

How does it work?

By supplying a lot number of  probiotics to the surface of skin, it improves the balance of microorganism on foot, reconstructs defence posted by beneficial microorganism, restore the skin’s ability to clean itself to attain the golden ratio of skin health.leading to  beauty and white foot, Exfoliating dead skin and callus,cure Foot crack.

In what occasion this product can be applied to?


Beauty salon, pharmacy;personal care

What does it contain?

A total number of lactobacillus (cfu/g) ≥106

How to use it?/ Instruction for use


How to use it/instructions for using it

1. Before using it, wash your hands and dry it,take out gloves and purple bag from Aluminum foil bag.

2. Open the purple bag,take some product out and blend it with 3ml water until it become pasty.

3. Smear it on your foot evenly, put on the gloves if needed,use rubber band to ensure the foot mask 100% touch your foot.

4. Take off  the gloves and wash your foot after 30-40 minutes.

Why doctors recommend using  probiotics?


When our immunity decreased because of  aging,the beneficial microorganism lost as well,that’s why we should supply beneficial microorganism to our body to ensure the balance of microbial ecology.


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