Moisturizing Nourish Foot Probiotics Products

Moisturizing Nourish Foot Probiotics Products

E-JUN Foot Care Shan Yu Jun Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic powder Instruction(for skin) To decrease the tiredness and owning a pair of beautiful feet, we suggest do 30 minutes food care everyday By supplementing foot skin with plenty of Shan Yu Jun (probiotic), to regulate skin’s...

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 International advanced technology applied which ensure more than 99% of the probiotics are alive when you using it.

Functional probiotics .

Effectively restrain the production of  pathogen which causes illness, the probiotics  will be sticky to the surface of your hand ,make it easy to effect.


Quit sticky to the surface of you skin


A large number of

 positive bacterial strain prevent  harmful bacterial strain from absorbing in the surface cells of your hand.


Easy to be cultivated

The probiotics which can be cultivated on your skin will bring it on of tons of active factors


Solve the problem fundamentally

Membrane full of beneficial probiotics provide a natural defence , recover the foot skin’s ability to clean itself.

What probiotics can do to our body?


1. Prevent or relieve diarrhea.

2. Relieve  lactose intolerance.

3. Prevent reproductive system infection.

4. Enforce System immunity.

5. Promote digestion

6. Reduce serum and cholesterol

7. Help to absorb nutrition

Question: Will this product cause addiction?


Answer: No,it won’t,our product is microbial ecology material, no additive, no drugs, no antibiotics,no hormone,all it contains are just probiotics needed by skin,there is no side effects and addiction.

Question: Why the foot skin looks red after using it?

Answer: Positive probiotics fight with negative germ,this will happen deeply in the skin, so it may cause some provoke to the skin when you may feeling burning , and your skin on your foot may looks red,this is varied for different person,we recommend you keep using it,the symptom will fade and disappear, this is normal, please don’t worry.






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