Moisturizing Nourish Hand Probiotics Products

Moisturizing Nourish Hand Probiotics Products

E-JUN HAND CARE HUIMEIREN PROBIOTICS FOR BACTERIAL FLORAL BALANCE Technology from Japan Hot Sale E-JUN SKIN ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS POWDER Using for hands with 30mins per day, makes your hands smooth like baby skin and regains youth. By directly adding a large amount of beneficial...

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Product Details

hand mask take advantage of  bacteria to enhance the balance of micro-ecosystem, the E-jun biological hand mask supplies many probiotics to the skin of your hand, concentrating on the micro-ecosystem balance of epidermis dermis,cultivate positive microorganism and help them to compete with negative microorganism, brings the protection from  lactobacillus to your skin and keeps the balance of micro-ecosystem, ensure the golden ratio of hand’s health.

Product features:

High survival percentage


International advanced technology applied which ensure more than 99% of the probiotics are alive when you using it.

Functional probiotics .

Effectively restrain the production of pathogen which causes illness, the probiotics will be sticky to the surface of your hand ,make it easy to effect.


Quit sticky to the surface of you skin


A large number of

 positive bacterial strain prevent  harmful bacterial strain from absorbing in the surface cells of your hand.



Easy to be cultivated

The probiotics which can be cultivated on your skin will bring it on of tons of active factors


Solve the problem fundamentally

Membrane full of beneficial probiotics provide a natural defence , recover the hand skin’s ability to clean itself.


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