Gynecological Vaginitis Pelvic Inflammation Probiotics

Gynecological Vaginitis Pelvic Inflammation Probiotics

Product Name: E-JUN PROBIOTICS PLUS + Capsules (For Gynecology) Effective Components: Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus Type and Property: Content is Ivory Powder Effective Content: Total Amount of Active Lactobacillus (cfu/g) ≥10 7 Categories of Controlled and killed...

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The traditional gynecology is still in the "sterilization and anti-inflammatory" stage. It only pays attention to eliminating symptoms, eliminating pathogens, eliminating signs, but neglecting "recovering the balance of female vaginal microecological flora." After the traditional "anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory" , beneficial bacteria must be promptly added , E-JUN PROBIOTICS can quickly add vaginal probiotics, restore vaginal flora balance, "hold the door, cut off the source of infection", out of repeated cycles, to end the gynecological ecological disaster at the source .

To maintain the vaginal pH balance, it is necessary to have Lactobacillus which exists in the vagina to regulate the microecological balance of the human body. E-JUN PROBIOTICS directly add probiotics to the vagina, improve the bacteria plexus ecology of the female private parts, increase the proportion of beneficial bacteria, assist in the relief or prevention of female gynecological inflammation, so that woman's private parts can be healthier!       


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