Probiotics for Cervical Erosion

Probiotics for Cervical Erosion

Product Name: E-JUN PROBIOTICS PLUS + Capsules (For Gynecology) Effective Components: Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus Type and Property: Content is Ivory Powder Effective Content: Total Amount of Active Lactobacillus (cfu/g) ≥10 7 Categories of Controlled and killed...

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Product Details

Product Application Areas

1. Pharmacy: Private Care, Preventing repeated  Vaginitis .

2.Clinic: Supplement vaginal probiotics after bactericidal

anti-inflammatory, restore vaginal flora balance, adjust vaginal pH.

3. Personal care: private caring, prevention of vaginal infections.

4. Beauty salon: private parts maintenance, lubrication, private part tightening

5. Network sales.

Customer Feedback

Ms.Peng: E-JUN helps to relieve my recurrent yeast vaginitis , now I feel much better , and the menstruation back to regular.

Ms.Yan: Yes , the excreta decreased, it is essentialin my life, I will insist using E-JUN. It is very helpful to prevent vaginitis.

Ms.Lee: After delivered baby, i got vaginitis, it was very hard be cured thoroughly, sometimes it was hard to fell in sleep because of itching. After using E-JUN, I felt much better about the itching. Now I use it as daily care , this product is very good, i would like to be their product agent.  

Ms.Zhang: I worried of using medicine during pregnancy, one of my friend recommend this probiotics product, i feel safer and i love it.

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