Probiotics Products to Eliminate Vaginal Diseases

Probiotics Products to Eliminate Vaginal Diseases

SPECIFICATION OF ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS: By directly adding a large amount of beneficial bacteria to the vagina, regulates the vaginal bacterial balance, builds the beneficial bacterial coating as a protective barrier, restores vaginal self-cleaning function, efficiently improves...

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E-Jun Probiotics is our “key” product,which contains Shan Yujun active factor lactobacillus,by supplementing the vagina with plenty of good bacteria to solve the recurrent gynecological diseases caused by the use of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory products that make the vagina become an “empty city” state.It adopts the international advanced limit freeze-drying storing energy technology, and concentrates a large number of beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus) which is necessary for women's reproductive health in each capsule.The activity can be stored at room temperature for more than 2 years. 

For vaginal use only. Do not swallow. No particular contraindications are provided for the product use.

Probiotics is a kind of active microorganism which is beneficial to the host.It is a general term for the active and beneficial microorganism that can produce the exact health effect and improve the micro-ecological balance of the host and play a beneficial role in the human intestinal tract and reproductive system.

E-Jun Probiotics is a product that supplements vaginal probiotics,and advocates restore the balance of micro-ecological flora of female reproductive tract”,so that patients with vaginitis can keep away from the strange cycle of “medicine makes better, stop-medicine gets worst, long-term cure, the more treatment and the more serious ”.


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