Female Vaginal Shrinkage Maintenance Probiotics

Female Vaginal Shrinkage Maintenance Probiotics

Active ingredients:Active freeze-drying probiotic live lactobacillus
Main function:Regulate the repeated vaginal flora disturbance caused by both the traditional medicine and Western medicine used for "sterilization and anti inflammation". Restores normal vaginal flora balance post sexual activity, menstruation, abortion, and childbirth.
Apply to:Private part is dry, Flatus vaginalis, Private part is loose, Aborted female, Women who have given birth,Difficult to reach climax, High quality of sexual life.

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what is Sing Life?

Sing Life contains active probiotic freeze-dried tablets. Sing Life can supplement vaginal probiotics, this product promotes the balance of aginal  flora ,establishes a viable and beneficial bacteria barrier, restore the self-cleaning function of the vagina, and achieves the golden standard of female health-degree I of vagina cleanliness. It improves symptoms associated with vaginal infection, including itching, discharge, and malodor.

Product Features

1. To achieve the gold standard of pregnant (pre-pregnant) female health-Degree I of vagina cleanliness by directly supplying probiotics to the vagina.

2. Restore normal balance of vaginal flora before sexual activity, menstruation, abortion, and childbirth.

3. Advanced Japanese freeze drying technology .

4. Store under normal  temperature without refrigeration.

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