Female Cleaning Sterilization Nursing Probiotics

Female Cleaning Sterilization Nursing Probiotics

Ingredient:Shan Yu Jun
Main function:Daily vaginal clean, remove odor,eliminate itching.
Apply to:Vaginal itching,burning,odor,and discharge. Recurrence of vaginal infection

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Product Details

1°Care can give you 1°Cleaning Degree.it’s vaginal hygiene probiotics.

Product theory:

Female vagina health lactobacillus Products, your best choice.

Probiotics in the vagina, act as a defensive force by colonizing the vaginal tract, stopping pathogenic microorganisms from setting up base.Promotes an acidic vaginal environment to discourage the growth of bad bacteria by producing lactic acid.  

Product information:

Each box contain 10 capsules. Brand new and sealed in box.

Store in a dry place.

How to use it?

For vaginal use only, Do Not Swallow.

One capsule has two methods for using, both males and females can use it.

1.Insert one capsule deeply into the vagina while lying on your back, in the evening before going to sleep. To facilitate insertion, you can slightly moisten the capsules.

2.Mix One Capsule’s Powder Contents with clean water together then smear it on the vagina or penis.


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