HMRPRO™ V-Tightening ProbioticsVaginal Shrinkage Clean and Care Probiotics

HMRPRO™ V-Tightening ProbioticsVaginal Shrinkage Clean and Care Probiotics

Effective Constituent:Shan Yu Jun, lactobacillus, bifidobacterium.
Main Functions:Efficiently improves vaginal elasticity, smooths and moisturizes vagina, prevents gynecological diseases after sexing.
Applicable Symptoms:Cervical Erosion, Vaginitis, Annexitis, Endometritis, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Ugly Odor, Distending Pain In Lower Abdomen, Hormonal Imbalance.

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Product Details

Miss. Miao is a probiotic product especially for vagina use. Miss. Miao can keep your vagina clean and your vaginal discharge clear, is especially good when being used before and after sex to keep your vagina healthy.

Huimeiren general manager exclusively put forward “Empty City Theory” which means in a healthy vagina, it includes 90% beneficial bacteria which is the gold health standard. In the meantime, the vaginal discharge cleanliness is I°vaginal cleanliness which is the best vaginal status. Once there is no beneficial bacteria inside the vagina, the vagina will like an empty city without protection. Our products are based on this theory to keep vaginal bacterial balance for restoring the gold health standard and regaining natural health status.

What is the product’s content?

Inside of the capsule, there are probiotics powder with ivory color.

where the product can be sold

Miss. Miao can be used in hospital, clinic and personal care. 


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